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IRC channel modes are settings that allow you to control various aspects of a channel, such as who can join, speak, or modify certain properties of the channel. They are indicated by a single-letter code preceded by a plus or minus sign. To set a channel mode, a channel operator can use the "/mode" command followed by the appropriate mode code and parameters.


To set +R on the channel #example

/mode #example +R

To unset it:

/mode #example -R

Channel Modes

Flag Title Description
c No control codes No color allowed in the channel. Will block ANSI and mIRC color codes. Users voiced or have higher will not be affected.
C No CTCPs No CTCPs allowed in the channel
m Moderated Moderated channel (only +vhoaq users may speak)
R Registered Only Only registered (+r) users may join the channel.
z SSL Only Prevent non-SSL users from joining the channel.